Nita Thalia The Dangdut singer The Beautiful

Biography Nita Thalia - Indonesia actually has many multitalented artist. In addition to acting, top artists also can sing, a presenter, and in fact rarely serve as a model.
Talking about the multitalented artist, Nita Thalia including one of them. Artist, whose real name is Nita Yulianti was born on October 10, 1982 in Bandung. Here's more information about biografi Nita Thalia and her life story.

Biodata Nita Thalia

Birth name: Nita Yulianti
Other names: Nita Thalia
Date of Birth: October 10, 1982 (age 33)
Place of Birth: Bandung, West Java
Nationality: Indonesian
Type of music: Dangdut, Rock
Occupation: Singer
Years active: 2000-present
Couple: Nurdin Ruditia (2000 - present)
Children: Sandrina Salsabila
Parents: Sarifudin (father), Euiswarni (Mother)

Biography Nita Thalia

Nita Thalia or often greeted by name Nita, the daughter of Syarifudin and Euiswami. Nita's life was not as smooth as what we've seen so far. Various kinds of obstacles making it a powerful personal until now.
Nita keartisannya began his career with the release of an album entitled "mustache" in 2000. The record was eventually successful in the market of the country and get a fairly good appreciation of the fans and close friends Nita.

Less than one year, precisely in August 2000, Nita Thalia decided to marry Nurdin Ruditia. Of the marriage, Nita and Nurdin blessed with one daughter named Sandrina Salsabila.
Entering 2003, a lot of hot gossip circulating about Nita. Reportedly Nita is a naughty girl who had been married more than twice the husband some people. Including one of them a police officer known named Suherman.

Responding to the rumor, Nita was membatahnya "it is only a mere slander, I was not married more than once". Even his father, Syarifudin also defended the favorite son "Nita never been married more than once, I dare prosecuted".

Gossip more heated after the family of Nita present a girl as young as 2 months. Patiently, Syarifudin explains "it's not my biological son, but a daughter that my adoption of a brother".
Although father and son compact, but there are many people who push them both. Especially when the wife Henny Suherman spoke "he often invited people to the hotel, when she was grade 2 junior my husband made a girlfriend".

Not Nita her name if it is not strong. Facing these problems beautiful woman is getting stronger to live. Although it is no longer active in the realm of entertainment, but Nita still a lot to contribute in some ads homeland. As it became a product commercials.

Thus Nita Thalia biography that we present on this occasion. The story above is taken from news reports in some media, so if there are less pleasing news please understandable. May be useful and add insight for you

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