Google leaked weakness Apple OS X

Google Project Zero re-publish the operating system weaknesses examined. This time Apple OS X are so targeted.

Google reveals three weaknesses in Apple's operating system . Luckily, the third weakness is not in critical condition . Google publish details weaknesses and ways to exploit these weaknesses . If a hacker has sufficient experience , so he can slip malware armed only with reading weaknesses. Nevertheless , the hackers still have to be able to penetrate the special access Apple . Attacks that they do have to be combined with attacks that can turn into a level admin permissions . OS X system weaknesses that have Google are reported to Apple since 20,21 , and 23 October 2014 three reports have missed the deadline , so that the Internet giant publish.

Google Plans To Be Carrier

Google seemed to be getting ready to become one of the cellular operators in the US after reaching an agreement with T - Mobile and Sprint .

Reporting from The Information , technology giant , Google will use the network of the telecommunications company in realizing its plans . Unfortunately , after reaching an agreement , the three company officials declined to comment further . Until now it was not known when and how broad range of services by Google 's mobile phone .

For your information , the US mobile service is now dominated by Verizon , AT & T , Sprint , and T - Mobile . However , in the second quarter of last year , Sprint profits had declined so that the company 's share price slumped . Nevertheless , after cooperating with Google , Sprint shares immediately jumped by 5.53 percent . Meanwhile, shares of T - Mobile has increased 1.83 percent .

Meanwhile Scientists Promote Estimated Time 'Doomsday Clock'

A group of scientists from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists ( BAS ) decided to change the estimate of the Doomsday Clock Doomsday Clock or be 23:57 of the previous 24.00 .

Doomsday Clock is a symbolic clock representing countdown oscillating launched since 1947 by the Council for Science and Security BAS University of Chicago , USA . When it first appeared , this clock is set at 23:53 and until now amended 21 times .

Scientists were assessing the situation of the world today is very worrying , among others with dependence on fossil fuels , global warming , erratic weather , bomb , nuclear and conflicts that continue to occur . Moreover , NASA has said that 2014 was the year with the hottest temperatures since 1880. senior scientist from the Stockholm Environment Institute , Sivan Kartha asserted if the whole community needs to reduce actions that could increase the greenhouse effect . If not , the world's average temperature could increase by three to eight degrees Celsius .

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