6 king's execution drug

Indonesia executing six drug kingpin on Sunday ( 18/1 ) and will continue to execute the drug kingpin sharing. The death penalty as a form of punishment has an important message to be conveyed to the public . What is that?

" In the criminal theory , punishment was justified along the base of the 4 steppingstone , " said criminal law expert Dr. Strong Praise Prayitno when talking with my.princes.in , Wednesday ( 21/01/ ) .

Four steppingstone it is :

1. Criminal aims to protect people from all forms of evil that threaten society
2. Criminal aims to provide protection of the public against the perpetrator / convict
3. Punishment justified in aspect to the control apparatus
4. Punishment justified along for the control system community values ​​.

" In the case of this drug , the death penalty was justified because to protect the public from the dangers of drugs , protection and restore the balance of values ​​that exist in the community , " said General Sudirman University lecturer ( PKA ) , Purwokerto , Central Java .

Guarded community values ​​is that the behavior of the drug as something reprehensible . For Indonesian society since time immemorial considers culture Madon , thieves , play , opium is something contemptible . Moral values ​​derived from the ethical , religious and social morals was then crystallized into a pinnacle of civilization of the Indonesian nation in the form of punishment .

"If seriousness in upholding the values ​​that are not good , it will be lost civilization , " Strong said seriously .

In the conditions of modern Indonesia , the values ​​contained in the Narcotics Act made ​​by the legislature threatening the death penalty for drug kingpins . It is then carried out by the judiciary with the formulation of the decision imposing the death penalty on offenders . Finally , the executive is President Joko Widodo take a firm stance that there is no excuse for first-class drug offenders .

" At least the legislative , judicial and executive linear , everything bersepaham . So there is nothing unusual about the death penalty . It would be a problem if one of the three that is not linear , " said Strong .

Condemnation of this process , the state gives a clear message to the community that do not get involved with drugs .

" There is a message to the community , the state called ' Hi community , let alone make a drug that circulate misconduct know , do you do because it is considered a very despicable act and a great crime and is punishable by death ' . The death penalty is also to educate people take drug trafficking civilization was reprehensible in Indonesia , "said Strong .

If anyone says the death penalty form of revenge ?

" It was the lingua franca alone . If the language of the law is what the justification is no legal basis to die ? That is to protect the community from destruction and restore the values ​​of existing society , " said Strong .

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