For the sake of " Fashion " , Victoria Beckham Select Not Smiling


If you notice , some female celebrities never smile when photographed . Kim Kardashian reluctant to smile because he thinks will make her a quick smile wrinkles . Just like Kim , Victoria Beckham was also not help but smile .

It's no secret , Victoria is known stingy smile in public . Wife of English football legend David Beckham is often performed with a glamorous dress , high heels , but her expression decorated flat without a smile .

Some time ago , Vogue an exclusive interview with Victoria and asking questions about him that rarely smile in public . Therefore , it feels weird when Victoria designing a variety of clothing to make women look beautiful , but he did not express his happiness with a smile .

Well , Victoria does not deny that he never smiled . What is the reason? According to the Spice Girls , do not smile is one of the " accessory " attached to him . Flat facial expression , so to speak , is a complementary style .

"Inside of me , I smile . I feel a responsibility to the fashion community , " said Victoria . In conclusion , while Kim was reluctant to smile because it could lead to wrinkles , Victoria considers facial expressions without a smile is a fashionable thing to do .

Victoria is not only known as a regular celebrity , but also a successful fashion designer . Some time ago , Victoria opened a new fashion store in Dover Street , London .

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