Police Arrest Ex-Husband Artis Sexy Cita Citata

Galina Purnama just which used to be called Ijonk officer arrested on suspicion of theft Polrestabes Bandung. Not alone, Cita Citata husband was picked up by the police along with two of his friends.

"Based on information from the investigator, (Ijonk) was arrested along with two colleagues, namely AIB and LS," said Ahmed Ramzy, attorney Audi Reza Hartanto (Arez) as complainant

Ramzy added, Ijonk arrested after undergoing divorce trial with Cita in Bandung Islamic Court. Pick-up process took place at around 12.00 pm.

"The arrest was after a trial in Bandung Islamic Court. As anticipated, Ijonk reported by Arez for allegedly stealing his guitar. Arez claiming a loss of up to Rp 35 million.

On the other side of the Weird. Such was the case and so is feeling Galina Purnama aka Ijonk, Cita Citata husband who police  own colleagues on the case of theft.

Ijonk reported on cases of theft by Audi Reza on suspicion of theft of musical instruments valued at USD 35 million. The case itself even happened a long time but recently sued today.

Initially, Ijonk borrow a set of instruments including electric guitar. But then the instruments were missing. When it Ijonk admitted that he had apologized and Arez (greeting Audi) sincere

"In essence we are given the tools, wear wrote Arez say this. We do not take some stealth," the story in Studio Palem, South Jakarta

After that, Ijonk felt uncomfortable with Arez. But Arez assured him that guitar loss problem does not matter.

"Whenever I see him say outright," said Ijonk.

Men from Bandung was also said that he always had a good faith every meet Arez. He intends to replace the guitar. However, the intention was actually never taken Arez.

From there, Ijonk the middle of a divorce process Cita it feels weird. Moreover, today's new issue.

"From yesterday would replace him escape. I call refrain constantly present this mean anything," he said, surprised.

Cita today to witness the case. He was examined by Polrestabes Bandung on Arez report.

"So strange. The term time in the band he did not know Cita. When I arrive at Cita, it already passed the loss incident," said Ijonk who also denied looking popularity because of this case.

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