Indonesian women was Beautiful Outside In

Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss will enliven the evening peak of Miss Indonesia 2015 in Hall D2, JI-Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Monday night, February 16th, 2015 at 20:30 pm. Women from South Africa it was very keen to visit Indonesia.

Miss World 2015

As Miss World, Rolene Strauss must have criteria for Miss Indonesia 2015 SINDOnews specifically interviewed Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss in Lamoda Cafe, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.

What is the first visit of Miss World?
Do Not. This is the second visit of Miss World. Specials my second visit. The first time we visited China. This is the second visit.

What lesson do you gain from the visit of Miss World?
Yes, this is my second visit and I do a lot of things. I will remember this will be a very long condition. But I would enjoy this trip. Meet different people, different cultures, and culture of Indonesia. Love Indonesian food and I will be a lot to learn a lot of things and I will make the changes.

What do you think about Jakarta?
Jakarta was beautiful. I will think of and remember continue every week. At the moment in the car-free days a week, all the way to happy with a relaxed and I was shocked. I really like the food and it was so amazing.

Criteria to be Miss Indonesia 2015?

Criteria for the Miss World and Miss Indonesia are very similar. Must be friendly to everyone. Should warm to everyone and receive any. should be proud of their own country. Because you do not just bring yourselves but your country as well and to win in London, he was alone. So it must be present, do the best. Because all assessing Indonesia. I thought it was and should bring the good name of the State. State must love and sharing.

Experience in the Miss World competition?
The best for me in the Miss World competition is women who are very beautiful in various countries. Beautiful women from 121 different countries come together, do not know from a different country, do not know anything, bring a lot of people from different countries, meet each other. we know each other. Equally help, both became friends.

Expectations for the Final of Miss Indonesia 2105?
I will look at the results and see the video, Maria has been demonstrated, and I really like. And I was amazed, all in favor of Indonesia. This country is very loved and was amazed, seeing all the support Miss Indonesia to the success of the country is.

What do you think about women in Indonesia?
I think women in Indonesia was beautiful inside and every state has specific criteria. When I met Maria (Maria Asteria Sastrayu Rahajeng, Miss Indonesia 2014), I saw him a formidable female figure and survive. I admire his personality as a woman.

What about Indonesian food?
He, yesterday after lunch, I ate fried goat and many cabainya, spicy, and I love it.

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