Ways to Show Some Love to Your Community

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! While it's normally thought of as the holiday for couples, and the chocolate, floral, and greeting card industries, it's also the perfect time to “show some love” to your community of customers and clients. But why stop at Valentine's Day when you can show your appreciation and support of your community year-round with the following simple strategies.

  1. Do business with them as their customer. One way I support my retail clients is by purchasing gifts for my other (non-competing) clients. If your client is a service provider, there may still be an opportunity to purchase a gift certificate or card from them to give to others. Be creative in thinking about how you can become a customer of theirs.
  2. Actively participate in their community. Subscribe to their newsletters or blog, follow them on social media channels, and actively participate in online conversations with them. Post comments to their blog,Like, Share, or Comment on their Facebook posts, re-Tweet on Twitter or re-Pin on Pinterest.
  3. Share them with your community. Feature a “customer of the week” or “client of the quarter” post or story in your own newsletter, blog, or on your Facebook business page. People LOVE photos, so put a face to the customer post or client story with a photo of them (with their permission, of course).
  4. Provide referrals. We all know the value of word-of-mouth so keep your customer/client radar tuned up for any opportunity to send business their way. PS – make sure you know what a good referral is for their business, too.
  5. Host a customer/client appreciation event. This will involve a little more cost and time, but it’s a great way to bring your customers or clients together for a social, luncheon or after hours with the only intention being to thank them for their support and business. Make the event extra special by mailing (yes, mailing) invitations to attendees. There’s a bonus to this, too, in that you can be a “connector,” introducing folks who might not otherwise meet to expand their social or business circle.

And remember that you don't have to wait for Valentine's Day or any other holiday to "show some love" to your community. It's easy to do each and every day with a sincere smile and 'thank you.'

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