Adina Thomas and Testimonials As Artis Indonesia

Biography Adina Thomas - Speaking of Indonesia's top artists, not complete if we do not discuss the lunge of Adina Thomas. Yup, pretty and talented artist this one gets a lot of attention from the public after the success in the world of entertainment.

Adina keartisannya Thomas began his career since he was sitting in elementary school. As to whether the journey to a successful career as it is now? see biographical data and a biography of Thomas Adina below.

Biodata Adina Thomas

Full Name: Adina Noviana Sari Thomas

Nickname: Admin Thomas

Place of Birth: Bandung

Date of Birth: August 8, 1993


Occupation: Model, Host and actress

The film, starring Adina Thomas:

  • Maid Never Dissenters Promise
  • Delivery Order (Not One Cars)
  • Love stuck geeky girl
  • Land-wide love Babe
  • Security guard Perpetrators Hatiku
  • Gue name Siti Rapiah
  • Supervisors cauldron Future
  • BUTET guard Guard Heart
  • Ibrahim Anak Betawi
  • The beating of Love
  • My love for my father Rivals
  • Unyu Unyu Artisan Balloon
  • Driver romance Beautiful
  • Saodah Only You My Love
  • Love Bersemi In Grave
  • Singles ballad Metropolitan
  • The pretty kok Kuli
  • Beautiful pickpocket
  • Jodohku in Hand Babeh
  • Love the Way TV Service
  • Ketusuk Love Doctors Beauty

Brief Biography Adina Thomas

Adina Thomas is the daughter of the couple Thomas Riyadi and Goddess Princess. Born on August 8th 1993, this beautiful girl embark on a career in the entertainment world since elementary school. Women who akbrab called Aci is when a child becomes a little models.
Teenager, Adina then decided to plunge into the world of singing. In junior high, she had a gig from one place to another to sing and fill small occasions.

It seems that artistic talent is still stuck inside Adina Thomas. After graduating from junior high school, he decided to go back to school to ISMS (High School Karawitan Indonesia) in the Flower City Bandung. Of this art school, Adina claimed much gain valuable experience.

Adina Thomas's career continued after he graduated from high school and then continued his studies in LSPR (London School of Public Relations). Then in 2010, he entered into the world of professional to be TV presenter Banten. Because quite a success, finally in 2013 Adina getting many offers to play movies and FTV.

That brief biographical information Adina Thomas and his life story

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