Complete Biography Asmirandah

Asmirandah which is a beautiful artist and popular figure in Indonesia was born in Jakarta on October 5, 1989. He began his career in the entertainment world Indonesia through the soap opera "Marriage Hanging". His name is well known after starring in soap operas "Is It?" Which began airing in 2003. He is also known as a model of television commercials for several products in Indonesia. Asmirandah completed his education in the field of directing at The Next Academy Jakarta.
In his personal life, Asmirandah who was born in Jakarta and have declared themselves as the Jakarta Sali. His father, Farmidji Zantman bloody Netherlands while her mother, Sani Suliwati originated from Betawi. The artist's love life had a relationship together with actor Indonesia Dude Herlino which the relationship broke up in late 2011.

Original name: Asmirandah Zantman
Date of Birth: October 5, 1989
Place of Birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Height: 165 cm
Citizenship: Indonesia
Zodiac: Libra
Occupation: actress, model, presenter
Years active: 2000 - present
Popular Since: Starred in the soap opera "Is It?" (2003 - 2005)
Father: M. Farmidji Zantman
Mother: Sani Susilawati
Husband: Jonas Rivanno (actor, 17-Okt-13-18-Des-13, remarried)
Beloved: Dude Harlino (actor, dropping 2011)

Many news circulated if Asmirandah and Jonas Rivanno or more commonly called Vanno married in secret, shortly before Asmirandah never ask Vanno to become converts. At first they denied it, because religious issues are considered to be sensitive. But they finally apologized for denying it.

Filmography Asmirandah

Soap opera

  • Haji Qomar
  • Hanging mating Maggots
  • Is It? as "Sofi"
  • Love SMU 2
  • Meaning of love
  • Loving
  • Maha Love 2
  • You Still Love as "Aulia"
  • Wulan as "Baby"
  • Your Heaven
  • Baby Doll
  • Melody
  • Aisha as "Tania"
  • Miss Gods
  • Until the End of Time as the "Orchid"
  • You're still my love
  • Sekar as "Karina"
  • Nikita as "Dr. April"
  • Sheen Love Kamila as "Kamila"
  • Of Sujud Ke Sujud as "Dr. Vivi"
  • Bening twinkle diamonds as "diamonds"
  • Musical ISkul as Alumni ISkul (Guest Star)
  • Half of me as Adara
  • Pearls From Heaven as pearls


  • Liar (2008)
  • When the Mix 2 (2009)
  • Dalam Mihrab Cinta (2010)
  • Jakarta Heart (2012)
  • Rectoverso (2013)
  • Cues (2013) 

Award Asmirandah

  • Panasonic Gobel Awards 2012 - Favorite Actress
  • Indonesia 2013 Kids Choice Awards - Favorite Actress

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