The atmosphere in the General Cemetery (TPU) Malacca (Funeral Artist Olga Syahputra)

The atmosphere in the General Cemetery (TPU) Malacca, Pondok Kelapa, Saturday (28/03/2015) started an uproar when people shout at Luna Maya who fainted. Things are getting more and not conducive Olga's body inside the coffin corpse removed from the ambulance to the burial grounds. Sea of ​​people who gathered trying to scramble to lift the corpse to the grave coffin.

Similar scenes have occurred when Olga's body was first brought to the funeral home, Krishna Jalan Raya 4, Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta. Barricades were set up security forces could not stem the enthusiasm of the people who are curious about the corpse Olga. In fact, the line media crews that had been neatly lined up, a sudden irregular when people desperate merangsak entrance to perpetuate the presence of bodies of Olga.

Due to urge action-Push in either place, not a few people who fainted from exhaustion and heat. Not only that, there were several small children were found separated from their parents.

Luna force myself to get in closer break through coffin corpse brought Olga Syahputra, he also tried to approach the coffin. But unfortunately, because of overcrowding, Luna Maya fainted in front of the grave Olga Syahputra and in the midst of the people. Seeing Luna weakened condition, some relatives who was behind the attitude of carrying the limp body Luna.
Although in a state of weakness, Luna still force myself to approach the corpse. He also looks hysterical in front of the casket corpse Olga.

not to mention the manager, Vera Zanobia Sukari or Madame Vera, seen crying.

The female eyes were swollen because of continued crying. Compared with the others, he is beginning to leave the tomb Olga. He walked with a limp penetrate people still thronged the area of ​​the cemetery.

After walking a few steps, Vera pause, then the manager Olga fainted. Some of the people who accompanied him to swiftly carry her. The incident was invited attention some people who were there. They shouted the name Vera.

"Mak Vera ... Well, fainting. Do not pass out, Madame Vera, which doggedly," said one mother.

With the help of several officers who asked people to not clustered, Vera brought into the car.

The body of comedy artist Olga Syahputra (32) is buried in the cemetery of Malacca, East Jakarta on Saturday (28/03/2015) at around 13:00 pm

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