Starring Korean artist advertisement Alcoholic Beverages

Princes : One alcoholic drink is quite popular in Korea is soju. With an alcohol content varying between 16.7% and 45%, soju favorite Korean society.


This traditional drink has now been transformed into a more modern packaging. Not only packaging, marketing even more diverse ways, one using ads starring artists K-Pop sexy

One only Shin Min Ah was lined up to be a model for the brand Jinro soju advertisement 'J'. With a casual appearance, Shin Min Ah remains tempting.


Although soju including alcoholic drinks are very cheap there but fans of the drink is favored by all classes, from the poor to the rich, as well as ordinary people to the artist or the state officials really like this Korean traditional beverage.

Jinro soju brand also could capture the poses prettiest Ha Ji Won for their advertisements and posters.


Shin Se Kyung innocent makes  soju advertisement Fun Yeah. The concept of this ad is a fun and gentle

Jinro soju

Actor Jo In Sung and Go June Hee joined into a model supporting a brand of soju, Korean alcoholic beverage most popular


Beautiful and sexy singer is also not forget, Lee Hyori is now back with the newest CF for soju brands


Well so Beauty this korean girl, with accessories drinks that can make our bodies feel drift enjoy.

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