Rumored relationship Rainie Yang

Rumored relationship with singer China, Li Ronghao, Rainie Yang had become the butt of Taiwan media last month. This stems from posting photos Li Ronghao which displays both hugged each other tenderly in Li Weibo account (such social media Twitter of China).

Rainie Yang

Although not long after the image is deleted, the recording screen (screenshot) the picture was already circulating on the internet. Which became the focus of discussion of this photo is because Li Ronghao actually been married secretly and Rainie Yang third person of relationships Li Ronghao.
When confronted about this on his visit to Singapore, a popular actress through the series "Devil Beside You" is admitted if he falls in love with a person, his behavior will be different from most women. He admitted his emotions often capricious in the extreme.
"If most women will be so happy when they were dating and they will love partner with all my heart, I am just the opposite. I often unsteady, confusion between happy and unhappy when they fall in love, "said Rainie who looks a bit dodge rumors that hit him.
According to him, every person has their own style in a relationship, and it will usually be much different with their own personality. He feels everyone can try to change the personality or temperament itself, but it will be difficult to change the style of a person in a relationship.
"I was never ready to talk about my love affair openly. I am accustomed to hide that section to the public. That's why maybe I often feel uneasy. The man who became my boyfriend will definitely find it difficult to perform daily activities in public. For just down the road will be tough! "He explained.

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